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A new generation of reference books for kids used to surfing and swiping. This book is far more than a collection of bugs and butterflies. It explores rainforests by continent, so the young reader gains first hand experience of the contrasts between the flora and fauna of South America, Africa, and India. It introduces indigenous people who reveal age-old secrets of survival in the forest. It explores how rainforests are exploited for every day products in everyones' homes. The latest research reveals newly discovered creatures unique to this book, and the current threat level to our planet as we continue to destroy Earth's most diverse habitat. Fantastic photos, structured layouts, and age-appropriate vocabulary entice newly confident readers into the world of information books. Data boxes, maps, and stats encourage related numeracy and science skills. Vetted by literacy experts.

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Booklist Review

These new titles in the Discover More series live up to their name by simply offering more content than many other similar books. The 80-page length dwarfs comparable series for this age range, and those pages are packed with information and photos. (Looking for even more? An additional digital book is available for free online.) A two-page spread typically includes either one large, stunning photo or at least six smaller ones. This wealth of visuals is deployed strategically and serves the topics well. Rainforest is expansive in scope, covering the flora, fauna, and population of rain forests on multiple continents. The text almost takes a backseat to the countless compelling photos. However, both elements are well organized into three overarching sections, each containing an abundance of subtopics. Because the books are arranged by topic and do not follow a strong narrative, they are especially good for browsing. And although the books cover the basics, the structure allows the books to appeal to readers by emphasizing oddities, especially in the Hall of Fame sections. Fun, educational stuff.--Aronin, Miriam Copyright 2010 Booklist

School Library Journal Review

Gr 3-6-This coverage of eclectic topics related to tropical rainforests packs images and text snippets from the edge of one page to the other. However, layered photos of animals and plants often disregard relative sizes. For example, a fungus emerging from the forest floor appears larger than a termite mound while the close-up view of a cassowary head dwarfs the rhinoceros behind it. Menageries spiral across several spreads to showcase colors or raise awareness of endangered species. Although small print identifies each animal, there's no indication of where they live. Some large photos, such as the close-up of a mossy leaf-tailed gecko camouflaged against tree bark will make viewers pause. Others, like the tarantula eating a bird or a pit viper with a rat's legs and tail dangling from its mouth, add to the "yuck" factor. Some organization appears in sections tied to animals and people of Central and South America, Africa, Madagascar, and Asia. The book also includes an overview of chocolate production, an interview with a conservationist, survival tips for those lost in a rainforest, and messages about why rainforests matter and how readers can help preserve them. One spread features a lineup of monkeys, a link to the free downloadable digital book that accompanies the volume. Viewers can read and watch video clips about chimpanzees, gorillas, and other monkeys. More informative and organized presentations can be found in Seymour Simon's Tropical Rainforests (Smithsonian, 2010) or Linda Taliaferro's Tropical Rain Forest (Capstone, 2007). Consider this book if additional titles are needed to pique browsers' interest in the topic.-Kathy Piehl, Minnesota State University, Mankato (c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

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