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In her twenties, Alexandra Heminsley spent more time at the bar than she did in pursuit of athletic excellence. When she decided to take up running in her thirties, she had grand hopes for a blissful runner's high and immediate physical transformation. After eating three slices of toast with honey and spending ninety minutes on iTunes creating the perfect playlist, she hit the streets-and failed miserably. The stories of her first runs turn the common notion that we are all "born to run" on its head-and expose the truth about starting to run: it can be brutal. Running Like a Girl tells the story of how Alexandra gets beyond the brutal part, makes running a part of her life, and reaps the rewards: not just the obvious things, like weight loss, health, and glowing skin, but self-confidence and immeasurable daily pleasure, along with a new closeness to her father-a marathon runner-and her brother, with whom she ultimately runs her first marathon. But before that, she has to figure out the logistics of running: the intimidating questions from a young and arrogant sales assistant when she goes to buy her first running shoes, where to get decent bras for the larger bust, how not to freeze or get sunstroke, and what (and when) to eat before a run. She's figured out what's important (pockets) and what isn't (appearance), and more. For any woman who has ever run, wanted to run, tried to run, or failed to run (even if just around the block), Heminsley's funny, warm, and motivational personal journey from nonathlete extraordinaire to someone who has completed five marathons is inspiring, entertaining, prac-tical, and fun.

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Booklist Review

Heminsley did not run. Not ever. There was perhaps a shuffle here or there when absolutely necessary, but voluntarily putting on shoes and pounding the pavement? Absolutely not. Until one day, following a terrible breakup, Heminsley began to walk, and before long, with the encouragement of her family, simple walking morphed into running and then into competing in marathons. It's not all medals and smiles at the finish line, though, as Heminsley humorously tackles the many thorny issues new runners encounter, from chafing to proper sports-bra fit to injury recovery to restroom emergencies. In this account of one woman's transition from nonrunner to runner, the most important change that takes place is not losing weight or developing a more-fit physique, but rather the mental transition Heminsley makes to believing she is a runner. This is an amusing and inspiring account, sure to provide the gentle push a newbie runner needs. Helpful tips for first-time runners are appended.--Gaus, Eve Copyright 2010 Booklist

Table of Contents

Part 1

p. 1

1 Not Born to Runp. 3
2 Learning to Runp. 16
3 Wicking Fabric and How to Style It Outp. 29
4 We Are Familyp. 51
5 Injuryp. 61
6 The London Marathonp. 67
7 The London Marathon. Againp. 85
8 A Runner for Life?p. 103
9 Runner's Highp. 115
10 The Right to Runp. 127
11 The Finish Linep. 142
Part 2

p. 153

12 Head over Heelsp. 157
13 Getting Your Kicksp. 173
14 Get Involvedp. 179
15 The Perfect Running Stylep. 181
16 The Big One: Everything You Wanted to Know About a Marathon but Were Too Afraid to Askp. 186
17 The Magical Secretp. 206
Acknowledgmentsp. 209

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